Ecoclear Aegis

Protect your assets from the harmful effects of corrosion with Ecoclear Aegis. Our unique anti-corrosion clear coating system is formulated with graphene nano-tubes and a silicone hybrid resin-based 2-component (2K) paint system.

Specifically designed to withstand high corrosive environments (C5). With up to 6,000 hours of testing in a salt spray machine (approximately 30 years in a non-marine environment), Aegis provides hydrophobic, self-cleaning, lightweight, and durable protection with minimal signs of degradation.

As a unique anti-corrosion clear coating system, signs of corrosion is detected immediately, allowing early preventive measures. Saving time, costs, and accidents.

  • Steel safe ✓
  • Concrete safe ✓
  • Glass safe ✓
  • Surface: Good adhesion on a wide range of substrates such as steel, wood, glass, alloy, metals and concrete.


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  • Durability
  • Hydrophobicity
  • Chemical resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Versatile


  • Silicone Epoxy Hybrid Resin
  • Hydrogenated Bisphenol A Resin
  • Butyl Acetate
  • [3-(2,3-Epoxypropoxy)propyl]trimethoxysilane
  • 3-Butoxypropan-2-ol
  • Methanol
  • Aminosilane
  • Dioctyltindicarboxylate
  • Butyl acetate




Salt spray tested for 3000 hours.


Detects early signs of corrosion easily and quickly.


Free from Lead, Chromium, Zinc and Xylene.


Reinforced with Graphene Nanotubes for clarity, improved strength, additional protection and durability.


At approximately 50μm per layer, Aegis is one of the lightest and most durable anti-corrosion coatings available.


Water contact angle that surpasses 90° (hydrophobic) requiring less maintenance.


"Aegis has the BEST Protection"

Everyone knows how bad corrosion is and what it does to infrastructure. IGL Aegis after many years of testing and working with companies who needed a solution for corrosion is on fire and is taking Industrial Coatings by storm!!
Joel La Palme

Ontorio Canada

"Hydrophobic, self-cleaning, lightweight and durable,"

Aegis has been tested for up to 5,000 hours in a salt spray machine (approximately 30 years in a non-marine environment) with minimal signs of degradation.
Blue Line Detailing and Protection

MI United States

Over the past few months we have been in talks with a huge fertilizer company about the corrosion their equipment and on-site machinery endures daily. As many of you know this is an extremely corrosive environment that this corporation along with many others spend hundred of thousands of dollars per year fixing, reconditioning, and/or replacing things😳After multiple hours and test we were finally able to iron out a date when they were able to let us get in and start coating some of their equipment and machinery 🚜 Today we were blessed with the opportunity to start putting our IGL Coatings Aegis on two pieces of their equipment and machinery. This C5 anti-corrosive clear coat was applied via HVLP gun and came out phenomenal. Not only will they now get better longevity out of their equipment but it will also look better than anything else of the property daily 💪 It is a fact that globally every year companies just like this one and many others spend roughly $4.2 trillion dollars fighting corrosion in the workplace. We are here to help corporations like these not only save money on costly repairs but to also keep the equipment out of the shop which will in turn lead to higher production rates resulting in more money for the company that they can then allocate back into the operation 👀 Check out these pictures below and let us know what you think and how this product could benefit you as well! We have 2 certified Aegis installers on our team here in South GA and would love to help you and your business not only save time and money but also look the best in that process 📸
Dallas Martz

Douglas Georgia

"What an absolutely amazing weekend at the IGL Training Center in Lexington Kentucky! "

I attended the Second IGL Aegis training class becoming 1 of 20 people in the United States certified to install Aegis coating. I was able to meet and work with others detailers from around this great country. I would love to thank IGL for giving me the opportunity to be an installer for their amazing products! Now it’s time to get to work and stop the fight against corrosion.
Joey LaRontonda

New Jersey, USA

I recently coated a truck cab with IGL Aegis to restore the faded pink color back to red. My customer was speechless. He couldn’t even speak at first. He finally said I can’t believe that’s my truck. He still speaks of it every time he comes in to my shop. That kind of reaction makes everything I do worth it.
Grey Eley,

Lewisburg, OH