IGL Coatings has an inclusive approach towards environmental conservation, the health and safety of the employees, customers, suppliers and community well-being. It embodies the spirit of sustainability laid out by The United Nation’s Sustainability Goals which drives us to undertake various initiatives to protect and nurture our circle of influence.

IGL is constantly evolving and improving to meet the strategic demands of the business, industry, society, and the planet.


Agile Adaptation of our Production processes

In the face of an unrelenting global demand for natural resources, IGL Coatings maintains a steadfast dedication to nurturing environmental consciousness throughout our supply chain. Our relentless endeavors encompass an ongoing process of adapting and elevating our operations, all in the relentless pursuit of upholding this pledge.

Product Development Using Plant Derived System

Staying true to our environmentally conscious product range, we consistently advance and create novel offerings by harnessing plant-derived systems. These sustainable solutions arethoughtfully designed to mitigate any strain on food supplies, further underscoring our commitment to heightened sustainability.

Low Impact Chemicals

In alignment with our commitment to environmental sustainability, our dedicated R&D Team conducts extensive research into renewable materials, formulations, and methodologies. This strategic effort aims to replace finite resources and progressively eliminate restricted substances, resulting in a positive impact on both the environment and the industry.

Circularity Contribution

This is an ongoing process whereby we contribute where we can. The transition requires IGL to step back and take a look at the entire product value chain from reusing resources, reducing waste, and work towards a circular economy.

Key Performance Indicators

Reduced water consumption
litre water saved due to increased water-use efficiency
Economic growth
micro- and small-sized entrepreneurs created
Biodegradeable formulation
of cleaning product formulation are biodegradable
Recyclable design
of packaging designed for recycling